It was my friend birthday 🙂

She loves Sakura, japanese food. So we had dinner there!

We ordered a lot of stuff, here is the list:

1- Salmon avocado salad.

2- raw salmon

3- assorted pieces of octopus, squid and tuna

4- raed maki

5- khaled maki

6- tarek maki

7- volcano

8- edemame and ginger

And this is what I ate:

Almost 10 edemame

1 samon avocado salad without the mayonnaise

2 raw salmon

2 raw tuna

1 raed maki

3 khaled maki

3 volcano

a lot of ginger ( I love it!)

This is almost 500 calories. Not bad for a dinner,  once in a while 🙂

salmon avocado salad

2 raw salmon

2 raw tuna

1 raed maki

3 khaled maki


3 volcano

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