Each body chemistry is different, and genetics play a major role in defining our shape, height and body composition 


What if I tell you that there are “Secret Foods” that increase height naturally??

Knowing the right foods to eat, the ones that contain specific vitamins and minerals will keep you closer to your goals. 

1- Yogurt: 

It is a secret growth food! It is responsible for the natural increase in height. Yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium and phosphorus which are essential for bone growth. 

Get 2 cups of low-fat yogurt daily. 

2- Egg yolk, fish and low-fat milk: 

These food items are rich in Vitamin D, essential for calcium absorption in the bones. Vitamin D regulates the body growth hormones. 

Be careful. Drink only low-fat milk, Vitamin D is not found in fat-free products. 

3- Meat, nuts and beans: 

These are rich in proteins. They accelerate growth and help in the repair of the body tissues. 

Add beans to your salads, or have it as a side dish. 

Have a handful of nuts as a snack between your meals. 

4- Orange colored fruits and vegetables: 

Orange, lime, papaya, carrot, sweet potato, red pepper, tomato 

All these foods are rich in Vitamin A, essential for proper growth and normal functioning. 

5– Water: 

Water helps in the thinning of our blood which distributes the vitamins and minerals found in food, and then transports it to the bones. This process increases bone density which in turn increases height. 

Get 8 glasses of water daily. 

Along with all these foods, stretch exercises are recommended as well. 

Stretching, yoga, swimming, basketball, and cycling are the best exercises you can do! 

Start to include these secret foods into your diet, and specifically into your children’s diet, for them to grow taller… 

Everyone wish to look taller. Many people think that after puberty, an increase in height is impossible. But you can still grow 3 to 7 inches even after 20 years of age!

Every bit can help you add inches to your height!!  😀

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