I love this restaurant!

The food is amazing, fresh and at least, you can go and pick up the kind of fish you wanna have!

I  had dinner last night in fish market  and thought of taking pictures of some food items I ate 🙂

seafood soup, 60 CAL


2 tablespoons of spicy crab, 70 CAL

1 tablespoon of vegetable noodles, 40 CAL

3 grilled shrimps, 80 CAL

1 piece of nagrour grilled fish, little spicy, 120 CAL

 If I want to calculate the calories I had, that would be almost 370 calories for dinner. And the good thing about it, this dinner was full of omega-3 fatty acids, which is the healthiest fish oil you can have. ( lowers cholesterol, lowers LDL, increases HDL, and essential for normal brain function and for a good memory).

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