I heard recently about this water! It is the ULTRA  water. They call it the purest water on earth.

I got it today and tried it! It is very light and its taste is not bad 🙂

It is a jordanian company, It is the only water in Jordan and the Middle East that is completely free of sodium and impurities.

Actually it is a water that is salt- free!


The  minerals in water are extremely helpful in replenishing not only water that is naturally lost from the body, but  also help to balance the electrolytes present in our body.

Magnesium is important for the regulation of muscle contractions and the transmission of nerve impulses in our system.

Calcium stabilises  bone structure, teeth, and cell membranes ensuring nerve and muscle impulses are properly transmitted.

Potassium has special roles to play in muscle contraction and the formation and conduction of impulses of the heart.

Sodium is needed for the metaboism of the heart, but anyways you can’t worry of its deficiency!

Sulfates are the salts of sulfur. They help the liver in detoxification and help digestion by stimulating the gall bladder.

Bicarbonate is essential to keep a heathy PH balance

Ultra water doesn’t show the composition of all the minerals, it only indicates the sodium, the nitrate, the calories and the fat which of course are zero!

I sent them a mail asking them about the whole composition but no one replied yet! I will  mention it once they get back to me.

Many doctors beleive that this water is healthy for many diseases. Actually it is good for people suffering from high blood pressure, arthritis (when the joints become swollen) and for kidney diseases.

A lot of doctors said that the people can obtain their needs of useful minerals from the foods they eat and that excessive inorganic minerals can be harmful.

Personally, I think that we need these minerals in small amounts. Maintaining the right balance of electrolytes helps your body’s blood chemistry, muscle action and other processes.

What do you think?? 😉

For more info about Ultra water, and to see doctors’comments, click here:


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