Double chins are fat deposits that usually appear due to several reasons. But its  major causes are hereditary pre-disposition or so called genetics reasons, age, and excess body fat. 

 So As you get older you lose muscle and your skin gets looser. It might be impossible to go back to the chin you once had in your early 20’s. So that’s why chin exercises are important here!

But if your double chin appear due to the excess body fat, the best way to get rid of it is to lose weight and to exercise at the same time.

Body fat is not created equally: There is no specific diet or food that can make you lose weight in one specific area. So excess body fat in the chin is also due to some genetic factors. Simply take a look at your family members. Do they have double chins as well? 

Also, some people  retain too much water which can lead to a double chin.


But how can I get rid of a double chin naturally??


There are 2 easy ways to do that!


As mentionned above, if you suffer from excess body weight, the best way is to lose weight, so to eat less and to decrease your calorie intake.

Satisfy your hunger with fruits, salad and low calorie food items. Choose lean grilled protein, multi-grain breads that are rich in fiber which decrease the fat absorbtion in the body.

If your excess body weight appears in your chin, then losing  weight will be also  seen in the same place!

Another guarantee and natural solution is to exercise. Exercise will make you burn more calories and reduces the amount of fat in the entire body.

Exercises for double chin are becoming known by now! They are extremely easy, and can be done at home in just few minutes daily.

I was looking for some chin exercises and I found the most effective and popular exercise that tones your chin and neck. The theory is that this  exercise will tighten the muscles around the chin and help you lose your double chin.


Have a look at that!

Stop That Dreaded Double Chin Doing Facial Exercises

Face Exercise 1 – Double Chin Exterminator

So no need for surgeries!! Instead of that,  it is better to follow a heathy diet and exercise regularly, as these are the only safe ways to get rid of any extra fat, including a double chin…

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