Red bull gives you wings!!!

Who haven’t heard yet about that!! And so many cans of Red Bull are being sold all around the world monthly!

For those who like it, does it actually give you wings or heart palpitation??

A 250ml can of Red Bull (1 can = 8.3 oz ) contains:
Glucose and sucrose (sugar), taurine, caffeine, color, flavoring, glucuronolactone, B-group vitamins, inositol, carbonated water, and sodium citrates.
Calories: 110, Total Fat: 0g, Carbs: 28g, Protein: 1 g

One of the major side effects of red bull is that it contains very high amounts of caffeine, and we all know what caffeine can bring to our health if consumed in big amounts!

These quantities may lead to adverse effects like insomnia, nervousness, headache, and tachycardia.

Note that in the 8.3 ounce cans, you are actually going to get 3 times the amount of caffeine that you would find in a can of Coke!

What about Taurine??

It plays a role in several medical conditions such as congestive heart
failure, psoriasis and pulmonary fibrosis!

Studies found that drinking one can of that energy drink  raises the risk of blood clots forming.

What’s worse that this???

Red Bull + Alcohol?!?!?!

The combination of Red Bull with Alcohol such as the popular Red Bull -Vodka  can have terrible effects on the heart and sometimes lead to death!!

 Here is a live example!!

“Following the deaths of an Irish student who had drunk three cans of
Red Ball after strenuous exercise, and three people in Sweden in 2001
who drank it  combined with alcohol  and/or exercise, the product came
under scrutiny. BBC Northern Ireland reported the recommendations of
the enquiry by the FSPB (Food Safety Protection Board – also referred
to as the Food Safety Promotion Board) which followed the death of the
Irish student”


– Red bull SHOULD  NOT  be consumed by children, diabetics, pregnant women, and people with heart problems!!!
– Some people are addicted to it! If you are so, I advise you not to have more than 3 cans per week!! 

– Diet Red Bull have the same side benefits with only less sugar and calories!

So now you tell me!! Should Red bull give you wings??? 🙂

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