As you always notice, I like to talk about water as it  is your body’s major nutrient, and makes up 70 to 75% of your total body weight.

I also said that The most important problem in Kuwait is that water contains a lot of sodium( that what leads to water retention and bloating)  thus we need to look into the sodium content of the bottle we are buying..

And I have posted so many posts regarding that subject.

And Now here is a new water bottle! It is DELTA!

I tried it recently as I have been told to, and it feels soo  light!

Actually its sodium content is only 0.3 mg of sodium, while it still contains potassium, and magnesium, 2 very essential minerals .

Anyways You will feel it as it drains directly water out of your system…

2 Litres of water per day are a must! And specifically 2 glasses before every meal 🙂

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