Since I am exercising a lot, I’m not usually having  big dinners just not to lose all the efforts!

But La Posta Dinner was something I couldn’t miss! It is fine to break the routine once in a while! 🙂

OK so I am gonna mention what did I take, with the pictures for sure!!

I have estimated the calories according to”the  food exchanges“.

We took a variety of the  best dishes and we shared it! 😉

1– Pizza tartuffo: I took one piece:

65 calories

2- Carpaccio crevette: 2 tablespoons

Amazing taste!! 70 calories

3-  Tintin tomate: 1 tablespoonn

It is a combination of sweet taste with bitter cheese, tossed with almonds!

50 calories

4- gnocchi au gorgonzola: 3 tablespoons

I loved this one!! U need to try tit!

110 calories

6– Calamari grilles: 2 tablespoons

But i didn’t eat the fried chips

     70 calories

Plus: I had 2 glasses of wine rose:  170 calories

The total dinner makes: 535 calories!

So it is fine to enjoy some tasty food, especially if you know to make it up in the coming days!

Don’t forget to exercise!

And as I always say:

Moderation is the key!

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