Where is the time to think about your health??

Healthy habits since early ages are proved to lower your health risks at later stages! Not only your health risks, but also the SHAPE of your body!

And everything you’re experiencing now will influence the rest of your life!

Parents should be careful about what to feed their children since they’re born! Genes play a role that’s for sure but also the way of eating is really important.

Children need to get used to the taste of fruits and vegetables and parents need to learn how to say No whenever their child is asking for candies or for some chocolate! Parents need to stop rewarding their children for a piece of sweet or a fatty food. Instead try to offer them cartoon shaped fruits, tell them funny cartoon stories that can be funny for them 🙂

Regarding the adolescence stage, in my opinion that’s the critical stage of age! Children become noisy and they start to nag about everything. Parents get lost and they donnow how to behave with them, what to feed them, how to reward them and so on…

Concerning their nutrition, starting the age of 12, they can  have low fat milk, enriched with vitamin D, they can have lean protein like grilled chicken, meat and fish, they have to eat 5 serving of fruits and vegetables daily!

During the age of puberty ( 11 to 15), girls need to watch what they are eating!  If they don’t watch their food quality during this period they are more tempted to have cellulite in the age of 20! And to reverse the problem will be hard for them!

As for the parents, you need to incorporate your children in school activities, to go out with them during the weekends for a ride or for a walk.

Remember you need to be the model for your children! When they see you active, they will be encouraged to be just like you!

I have uplaoded 2 good and fun videos to watch!

These 2 videos will help you a lot as adolescents and as parents ( you can watch it together! :D)

Adolescence: The most critical stage of life!

Kids also need some changes!

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