For those who are not familiar with Jujube name, this fruit is also called 3ennab 🙂

Actually it is a Chinese date also called red date!!

The best time to eat Jujube is  now!! Personally I am substituting my daily fruit in the morning by a handful of  this sugary taste fruit!!


 – Jujube is a tropical fruit and an excellent cardio-protector. The high potassium content in the fruit helps to keep blood pressure under control.

– Jujube  also contains linoleic and linolenic acid which protect the brain and nervous system, help to fight depression and fix moods swings!

– This fruit is very rich in water, so it keeps the body hydrated, fights cellulite and cleans your digestive system!

– Having a high anti-oxidant potential, this fruit is very beneficial in protecting various types of cancers including cancer of the liver, colon, breast and prostate. 


Jujube fruit is a significant constituent of the Chinese herbal medicine and it is used for the treatment of anemia!

Jujube is also available in fruit capsules, as the water extract of the jujube fruit was found effective for inhibiting the tumor causing cells and cells that can lead to leukemia!

This fruit is sodium-free!

10 medium pieces of jujube have 130 calories,  a lot of Vitamin C, but no fiber at all!!

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