Hello readers, I’ve been absent for more than 2 weeks and now I am back! A lot of you are wondering why I’m not posting like before! Just to let you know that I had a big accident and stayed for more than 10 days in the hospital! Thank god I’m good and back 😀

And here I will write a random lunch I had today, a very delicious and healthy one!

As I am intolerant to milk, I feel very confortable when I drink yogurt in the morning.

Yogurt is very rich in calcium and Vitamin D , both needed for our bones health!

The one I had was the low-fat Nadec brand

Who said that cereals should only be eaten with milk??

Personally I love it with yogurt! 😀

The kind of cereals I had today was the Special K with red fruits! Delicious and full of fiber!

Fiber is needed to give us satiety for a longer time, to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and to prevent constipation problems!!

Total Calories: 200 calories!!

Do not Skip Breakfast and Try this Breakfast!! It is the BEST! 😉


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