It’s Valentine’s Day!!! So whether you’re single or celebrating with a partner, these tips can be used everyday. Treat each day as if it was Valentine’s Day!



Salmon, sole, chicken breast, turkey, cheddar cheese, almonds, pumpkin, sesame seeds:


Contain Tryptophan and Phenyalanine.

These are called happiness molecules; they raise energy level and decrease anxiety and stress.

– Parmesan cheese, cottage cheese, roast beef, tuna:

They work as tranquilizers and minimize stress

Dark chocolate:

Contain Phenylethylamine. Also known as the molecule of love. That’s why Valentine’s Day is most profitable for chocolate sales. Chocolate will make you feel good, happy calm and loving. Always go for dark chocolate.


1-    Split an entree: By doing this you will also split the calories and spike up the romance.

Examples: spinach salad with Parmesan cheese, some almonds and balsamic vinegar dressing or grilled shrimps skewers with a cocktail dip.

2-    Stay lean on your main meal: Order a grilled piece of salmon, chicken breast, fish fillet or turkey with lemon and pepper sauce, and some sesame seeds. Side dish should contain colorful steamed vegetables, like broccoli, red capsicums and carrots.

This occasion doesn’t have to be centered around food like so many people do. Be creative; take a light dinner and keep your dessert till you get home, then enjoy dancing and exchanging gifts.



1-     Bowl of fresh fruit salad, with 70 % strawberries. Fruits salads are sweet in taste, refreshing and low in calories.


2-     Chocolate mousse is considered low in carbohydrate when compared to cakes or pies. You can even make your own mousse by using light whipping cream, cocoa, and sweeteners. Add whipping cream on the top.

3-     You can share a strawberry cheesecake together, it will add some romance. Use low- fat Philadelphia cheese, light digestives, and add more strawberries. Strawberries are on the top of the low calories fruit list.

4-     Make fruit skewers separated by marshmallows. Put a variety of bananas, pineapples, mangoes, red apples separated by one marshmallow with a low- fat yogurt vanilla dip or melted dark chocolate dip.

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