I’ve been hearing a lot about this subject recently! And I knew that a lot of pregnant women are not consuming eggs thinking that it can be harmful for them and for their babies.

Are you one of them??

In general, although eggs are rich in cholesterol, there is no evidence that says that it can raise your blood cholesterol levels as long as you are not frying it or mixing it with saturated fat, the number one reason for high blood cholestrrol.

Research shows that people with normal blood cholesterol concentrations can consume up to one egg every day as part of a low-fat diet without raising their cholesterol levels.

More specifically, there is NO REASONĀ  for pregnant women not to consume eggs during that period.

Eggs are excellent source of protein with more than 12 vitamins!

Plus, eggs are the most concentrated food source of choline, a nutrient necessary for the baby’s peak brain development. Usually the prenatal prescription supplementsĀ  lack choline, which means you must get it from the diet.

Choline is usually grouped with the B vitamins. As said before it is an essential nutrient that forms a vital part of your cell membranes. Plus it is a part of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, responsible of sending messages between nerves and muscles.

In the brain, acetylcholine is necessary for focus, and lack of acetylcholine is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Although white eggs are cholestrol- free and can be consumed more than the egg yolks, but choline is only present in the egg yolk, so don’t neglect it!

But don’t forget that soft-boiled or raw eggs may carry salmonella bacteria, so boil or cook your eggs very well.

And Don’t worry!! :)

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