Who hasn’t heard about garlic health benefits??

Although a lot would include it in their diets to heal their health problems, they are still afraid to do it because of its bad smell! ;)


Garlic does more than make our food taste better, it can help in the prevention of certain medical conditions.

Garlic clove is considered as a medical pill that treats the 2 types of diabetesType 1 also called insulin- dependent diabetes that affects young children, and Type 2 diabetes also called non-insulin- dependent diabetes that affects older people and will appear at later stages.

In fact a British study conducted last November proved that garlic clove was able to minimize insulin blood levels when mice ingested it orally.

Moreover, it is regarded as a miracle by naturopaths & herbalists.

This is mainly due to a compound called allicin which has natural antibiotic properties and due to the presence of sulphur in garlic which is also the  cause of its pungent smell.

Below are other garlic medicinal uses!! Here we go!!


– Fresh or cooked garlic  helps in lowering down  blood pressure & cardiovascular problems. It increases the levels of high density lipoproteins & reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood & keeps arteries and heart healthy.

– Garlic stimulates the body immune system  & helps in fighting against various diseases.

– Garlic offers some benefits during pregnancy as well!  According to a study done by doctors in a London hospital, garlic supplementation may help weight-gain for babies that may be at risk for low- birth weight.

– Garlic may help improve your iron metabolism. That’s because the diallyl sulfides in garlic can help increase production of a protein called ferroportin. (Ferroportin is a protein in the cell membrane which  forms a passageway that allows stored iron to leave theses cells and become used whenever it is needed.)


Although garlic is potentially beneficial, some people can’t tolerate its strong smell! You can then switch to garlic food supplements that offer the same benefits!!

Some people have colon problems, are intolerant or even allergic to it. So always consult your doctor regarding any health or medical matter!


Garlic is recommended to be added at the end of cooking, so it doesn’t loose too many of its beneficial properties.

Cooking can destroy some sulfur compounds in garlic (these compounds are beneficial). However, if you cannot tolerate raw garlic, you can add chopped garlic to foods while they are cooking as I said before. In that way you retain maximum amount of flavor and nutrition!

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