Did You Know that…

A- Eating 3 to 5  bananas a day prevents high blood pressure problems! And for people who have already  high blood pressure, this intake will minimize it to the max, due to its high potassium content  and its very low sodium content.

Sodium is the salt that is usually present in food, it can be added or there naturally… Substituting sodium by potassium is the key to prevent hypertension!

B- Mixing lemon juice with 1 garlic clove and 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a glass of water is considered an excellent drink to have in the morning before breakfast! It cleans your liver which is the most important organ responsible for the whole body metabolism!

Do it once every 6 months :)

C- Eating one medium carrot a day ( 3 baby carrots) provides 4 times the vitamin A that our body needs! So by having this small food portion, you  make sure that  you’re getting this essential vitamin needed for a healthy skin, hair and to prevent acne problems!

Also, you can find this Vitamin in spinach, sweet potato and watermelon…

D- Extra salt means osteoporosis!! Yes!! We all think that extra salt causes only hypertension, but this extra salt  goes into our bones and  when our body gets rid of salt, some of the calcium goes with it which can cause osteoporosis!!

So the normal intake of salt must not exceed 2400 mg of sodium ( 1 teaspoon), knowing that one medium slice of yellow cheese contains 300 mg of sodium and 2 tablespoons of canned tomato sauce contain 730 mg of sodium!

E- Strawberry is one of the top fruits known in  treating heart problems! And this is because it contains powerful antioxidants besides the soluble fiber that helps in decreasing cholesterol levels and offers better and normal blood flow to the brain!

It’s always interesting to learn something new!! Isn’ it?? ;)

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