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Registered Dietitian Mira Khattar is a consultant with over 12 years of experience for both private and corporate sectors.  During her experience,  she appeared on many TV shows, Ads, Newspapers, and Radio Show promoting healthy eating and showing you how you can maintain a healthy living.

This page features some of Mira’s media appearances.

TV Interviews


Mira Media Appearances

Radio Shows

  • Al-Balad Fm Lebanon, morning show: Different nutritional and health subjects.
  • Nassiha bi jemlei: More than 20 nutritional flashes all over the day.
  • Mira at sot libnan al hurr: Obesity during  childhood and adolescence
  • Mira at .99.7 fm in the morning show discussing many health and nutritional topics.

TV Shows

  • Mira  Live at ART TV, American channel: Healthy eating to prevent cancer diseases
  • Mira  Live at MTV Lebanon: Causes & treatment of bloating
  • Mira at Al Jadeed TV Lebanon with chef Richard:
  • Anti-cancer tasty and healthy dishes.
  • Vitamin D importance, with live healthy dishes
  • Nutrition for pregnant women
  • Mira live at Nour Sat, Lebanon: Treating high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Mira at Tele Liban: Easter sweets celebrations and its effect on body weight.
  • Mira at Al-Hurra TV, Dubai: Food alternatives to red meat.
  • Mira at MTV Lebanon during ” The Doctors” show: 10 main mistakes to avoid for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Mira at Al Watan TV, Kuwait: Talking about diet misconceptions.
  • Mira at al Rai Tv, Kuwait: Food to prevent different forms of cancer
  • Mira Live at A l Ghad TV, Skype call: tips about the proper nutrition to get a fit and healthy body, inside out.
  • Mira at Al Shahed TV, Kuwait: Nutrition at different stages of life, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism problems.


  • Al-Balad Fm Lebanon: A fun small biography about her, the way she works. She offered some nutritional tips and has talked about the major diet misconceptions.
  • Tefal ad video: healthy cooking and its effect on our health condition

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