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The medical package

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The Medical Package

Have you done your recent medical blood tests? Having high cholesterol, Triglycerides, Low HDL, High LDL, High Uric Acid or Hypertension?

Suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiency, Anemia or other? Trying to lose weight or just fix your condition?

This 4-week plan is the right one for you! It helps you reach your goal, while eating daily tasty healthy meals from breakfast till late snacks and fix your condition at the same time. Yes! Food is Medicine.

N.B: Currency changes upon the country you live in


  • A first consultation and a full screening of your past experiences with weight problems and medical conditions.
  • Details about your blood test results, goal, needs, good and bad habits and the time needed to reach that goal
  • Weekly Measurement chart and progress.
  • Needed nutritional Documents for own case.
  • A full Coop Shopping list
  • 4 personalized weekly full diet plan menus, taking into consideration your own lifestyle, medical condition and food preferences.
  • Training program regimens depending on your own case
  • Weekly Healthy Recipes
  • 4 follow-ups (a timed suitable day) via what’s up.

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