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The Weight Loss package

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The Weight loss package

Not having any medical condition, but struggling to lose weight, aiming to have new healthy eating habits, change your relationship towards foods and reach an optimal fitness level, while still enjoying your outgoings?

This 4-week plan will help you reach your goal, while eating daily tasty healthy meals from breakfast till late snacks, and you won’t be out of track! Challenge yourself because you can do it!

N.B: Currency changes upon the country you live in


  • A first consultation and a full screening of your past experiences with weight problems and health conditions.
  • Details about your goal, needs, good and bad habits and the time needed to reach that goal
  • Weekly Measurement chart and progress.
  • Needed nutritional Documents.
  • A full Coop Shopping list
  • 4 personalized weekly full diet plan menus, taking into consideration your own lifestyle and food preferences.
  • Training program regimens depending on your fitness level and specific goal.
  • Weekly Healthy Recipes
  • 4 follow-ups (a timed suitable day) via what’s up.

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Communication once a week: 55 KD/ 180 $ / Leb rate: 65000 L.L.
For those who have the knowledge and will, and need minimal support

Communication 3 times a week: 80 KD/ 262 $/ Leb rate: 65000 L.L.
For those who want to ensure staying motivated and never lose track

Communication every day (including weekends): 100 KD/ 329 $/ Leb rate: 65000 L.L.
All-time support and assistance even when eating out. We call it “peace of mind”, so you don’t have to worry about losing sight of your goal!


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