Every little bit of movement counts!

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1–     Take the stairs at work, at the shopping centre or when going back home.

It is generally quicker than taking the elevator anyways!

2–     Walk everywhere. Park your car as far as possible from your destination and walk. It is healthy and will make you feel good especially in a good weather 🙂

3-     When you do supermarket shopping, carry your stuff by yourself. Don’t let the boy who works there do it for you. This is a good exercise for your biceps!

4-     Don’t sit for a long time in the office. Stand up and try to finish some works. If you need a paper from a secretary, go get it by yourself.

5-     Chew a gum! Yes Yes it burns calories!

6–   For ladies who don’t wear high heels, its time to do it! High heels help in toning your leg and butt muscles by using them for support and stability.

But be careful that high heels can cause  back and ankle problems, so wear it in moderation.

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