Yesterday, we were talking me and one of my clients about the water in Kuwait, and about the high sodium Na content it has. Then she told me that right now, she is having Tannourine water and it is very low in sodium, she feels very light when she drinks it.

only 4 mg\L of sodium Na

She told me also that you can order it by phone, and it can be delivered in maximum one hour.

I like the idea, because honestely, I have a problem with the water here. Imagine, I drink water and I feel thirsty all the time!

I called the guy. After half an hour, I got 72 big bottles (1.5L)

Now they have an offer, your order 5 boxes, and you get the 6th for free.

All that for 9 KD.

I looked into the sodium content, and  it is nothing! only 4 mg/ L

High Na content causes bloating, constipation. It is so also bad for the skin and the hair.

Here is the number: 99931444

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