A lot of people think that soy milk and lactose- free milk are similar. But NO they are not!!

Lactose-free milk and soy milk are options for people suffering from dairy products allergies or intolerance, and specifically from lactose intolerance (sugar found in milk) or casein intolerance (major protein found in milk).

If you suffer from bloating , diarrhea, or other unpleasant conditions  when drinking milk, you need to know the reason out of it!

 Is it due to  lactose or casein?


This is a solution for those who are incapable to digest lactose, because this milk doesn’t contain lactose. 

It is 100 % real milk, and is found in the same varieties as regular, low-fat or fat-free milk. The only difference is that it lacks the sugar lactose. That’s why this milk is treated with the enzyme lactase, that removes the lactose molecules.


Soy milk is a solution for those who are unable to digest lactose and casein, so incapable to digest the sugar milk, and the protein milk as well.

This milk is made from soybean plant, and is super rich in protein. It is an excellent source of Vitamin E, and contains very little fat comparing to dairy milk, plus it is cholesterol free!

Soy milk is the most popular choice for those who are vegetarian and don’t include dairy products.



Lactose- free milk  has the same amount of calcium as regular milk, and can be also fortified with extra calcium.

It tends to taste a bit sweeter,  because the lactose is breaking down into simple sugars, which causes changes in the taste.

Soy milk contains some natural calcium, but not to compare with dairy milk. However be careful to get soy milk that is fortified with calcium and Vitamin D. Just read it on the label!

Soy milk has a very unique flavor, but you can find variety of flavors like vanilla and chocolate. These might contain more sugar and more calories.

So now that you know the differences between the two milk, the right choice depends upon your condition and preference.

Calcium and protein are both essential, but be careful to buy the right milk for you!! 😉

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