Do you know that the fat on your thighs isn’t the same as the fat on your stomach, hips or neck?

But why?? And what to do about it??

You may be used to the feeling of your thighs rubbing together when walking along. Yeah??

 You have probably thought you really must shift those extra few kilograms too.

But did you know that the fat on your body is not the same all over??


Fat stored around the hips, thighs and arms for example, is not as bad for you as the fat stored around the tummy, which is associated with an increase of diabetes and heart diseases.


Why things go pear-shaped

Most of us are familiar with the fact that eating too much and doing too little means your body will store fat.

Genes plays a role of course. Hormones also play a role, with women typically storing excess fat around their thighs (pear-shaped) as well as around the shoulders and arms, while men tend to store fat around their stomach (apple-shaped). This problem will create health problems for them and will decrease  testosterone level which won’t help them in losing weight anymore.


As women reach menopause and estrogen levels fall, fat shifts towards the stomach, so the “pear” becomes “apple” which creates health problems for them.


Is tummy fat dangerous?

The most dangerous body fat is abdominal, also called visceral fat.

This specific fat raises bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and creates inflammation in the walls of arteries. This can cause strokes and heart attacks!

Excess tummy fat is also linked to high blood pressure and high blood glucose levels.

Even if you are within a healthy weight, fat can be stored around your stomach.

So check your measurement: place a tape measure around the waist while standing:

–         For women: it has to be less than 80 cm

–         For men: it has to be less than 94cm

What about hips and thighs?

Fat around hips and thighs are known as surface fat, and brings fewer health risks.

Mainly it’s a genetic form, so try to do some exercises like bicycle workout, cross trainer in parallel with healthy eating.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can also help.


The dangers of neck fat:

Excess fat around the neck brings a sleep disorder called apnea, which might obstruct breathing. It can happen hundreds of times at night.

Be aware that if the neck circumference is bigger than 43 cm, you are at risk of sleep apnea.

How can I reduce all that!!!????

In general, when you eat a balanced diet and get active, abdominal fat is the first place to shrink.

Physical activity results in fat loss and increases muscle mass.

In addition to physical activity, like walking or going to the gym, you need to avoid long periods of sitting, which will also store fat in unwanted places.

Remember that even few kilos can be stored around your thighs, hips, neck or tummy. This is somehow genetics, and there is no specific diet that can make you lose weight around one specific area.

Workout is the best thing to do in that case.

Even if you don’t see a difference on the scale, your measurements should drop, which mean you are losing the harmful stored fat!! 😀


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