I was browsing  the net, and found this quiz !

It talks about diet  personalities or if you want, different ways of thinking towards diets and  food choices.

Here is my result:                

Your diet personality: Holistic

Congrats, you’re on the right track! You take a holistic approach to losing weight and focus on eating well-balanced meals for adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals even when you’re on a diet.

You’re making wholesome diet choices, but remember that regular exercise is just as important. “Eating well and being physically active are two halves of a single, healthy lifestyle,” says Dr. David Katz, author of Way to Eat. “Trying to promote your health or control your weight with nutrition but no physical activity is like trying to run on one leg rather than two.” Aim for at least thirty minutes of moderate activity, such as brisk walking, on most days of the week. “Those thirty minutes do not need to occur together,” says Katz. “They can add up over the course of the day.” So, add activity into your day in small doses wherever you can.


Take this quiz and find out your personality! It is a fun, easy and short quiz!


The diet personality quiz

 What is yours??  let me know!

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