This  my best Lebanese restaurant in Kuwait. The food is soo tasty!! 😀

My friend and I  were starving and craving for good Lebanese cuisine, so… of course, we went to villa fairouz, avenues branch!!

And have a look at what we ordered and what I had:


1- Dates, already served on the table: I took 2 dates: 40 calories

2- Fattouche: I took 4 tablespoons: 120 calories

3- Tabboule: I took 1 tablespoon: 40 calories

4- Vine leaves: I took 1 piece: 30 calories

5- Assbei chicken: I took 3 pieces: 70 calories

6- Hommos bel tahineh: I took 1 tablespoon: 40 calories ( My favorite there!! )) 😉

7- Moutabbal villa fairouz: I took 1 tablepoon: 30 calories

8- Mixed grilled:I took only 6 small pieces of shish taouk: 150 calories

So the total calories of this iftar is 520 calories

 (note that the calories are estimated due to the exchange food list).

The food I had are without bread, and I had a diet coke with it 🙂

Lebanese cuisine is very healthy because of its high content of olive oil, which, besides its high calorie content, is very rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and its high content of Vitamin E,which is an  antioxidant, responsible to fight against free radical in the body, so fight against cancer and heart diseases, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Iftar should be controlled,  don’t binge on foods in one raw, it will cause you discomfort and intestinal complications.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water at iftar time, rather than juices which are very high in simple sugar, easy absorbed in the body.

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