Eat to protect your heart, by choosing foods that lower your LDL levels, and thus increase HDL.

If you are following my blog, you must know by now that LDL is the bad cholesterol and HDL is the good one!

So if you or any of your family members have high blood  LDL levels or low blood HDL levels,  that means you need to read this! 😀


French people love saturated fats, yet still they have low rates of heart diseases.

Why? The secret is due to the  Resveratrol found specifically  in red wine  which is high in antioxidants and believe to reduce bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots.





Researches show that potassium – loaded bananas may help prevent high blood pressure, increase HDL levels and protect against atherosclerosis.



Avocados are very high in oleic acid, potassium and folate. That what make avocado a super food that lowers LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of heart diseases!





The omega-3 in wlanuts help regulate heart rythms and prevent heart attacks.

Nuts are high in proteins ( plant protein),  and fiber, as well as vitamin E that plays a key role in preventing blood clotting in the heart,  mainating healthy blood pressure levels and  in lowering the chances of heart attacks and stokes.


5- Olive oil:

This form of this monounsaturated fat is a perfect remedy for high blood cholesterol levels.

3 teaspoons a day can be enough to reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases!

1 teaspoon is 45 calories


And don’t forget that OBESITY is the FIRST reason for all diseases, so if you have extra weight, the first step is to lose it, by including these super foods! 🙂


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