I’ve mentioned a lot in this blog foods that I eat from Casper & Gambini!

Actually I love this restaurant, I got used to its food and menu (good food portions and great quality)! And everytime I wanna order from other restaurants, I just go back to Casper!

Yesterday I ordered for dinner the Slim- Line chicken salad! I’m a big fan of salads! 😀

It was  very consistent, low in fat and tasty at the same time!


Iceberg lettuce

Raw sliced carrots

Fresh cut tomatoes


Cut cucumber

Shredded mozarella cheese (low-fat)

Marinated lean chicken breast


And that’s it!!

The dressing:

Light mayo and lemon sauce, I took half of it…

If we wanna talk about calories,  according to the food exchange list this salad can be counted as :

 2 exchanges of carbohydrates = 160 calories

1 exhange of fat: 45 calories  (1/2 the portion)

4 exchanges of lean protein: 220 calories

Total calorie intake: 425 calories.

And surely it’s a great choice for people having cholesterol or constipation problems! 😉


Here are the pictures:



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