I passed by La Baguette yesterday to get some brown baguette, and I saw these diet wraps that I liked so much!

Actually these wraps are “diet” and convenient to have it as breakfast or even as dinner, so I got  these 2 diet wraps:

– Halloumi diet Wraps: l

Low-fat haloumi cheese, oregano, cucumber, tomato, olives in light saj bread

calories: 193 calories





Tuna diet wrap:

Light tuna in water, lettuce, light mayo, red and yellow capsicums wrapped in light saj bread

Calories: 230 calories 

that one is really tasty! Juicy the way I like it 😉



These 2 wraps taste really good! You can also find the low- calorie turkey wrap and the grilled vegetables diet wrap… 🙂

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