This is a light and simple dinner I had last night.

I am a  fan of cheeses in general and white cheeses specifically! I always crave for foods containg cheeses 😀

I got these 2 kinds of cheese, of course light and low in salt…

You always need to check the food label when buying your products to see the fat and calories content per serving.

Check this post to learn more:

low- fat/ low-salt akkawi cheese: 2 slices: 

55 calories: 1 exchange of lean protein

Low-fat greek cheese: 2 slices:

55 calories: 1 exchange of lean protein 

Green salad: lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes with lemon mustard dressing

4 crunchy high fiber toasts: 120 calories: 

1.5 exchanges of carbohydrates

8 kastana: 160 calories:

 2 exchanges of carbohydrates

My dinner makes a total of 390 calories.

It is rich in protein, vitamin D and calcium. It is rich in complex carbohydrates which is easy digested by the body. It is hyper rich in fiber which makes me feel full for a longer time and fight against constipation problems 😀

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