I was at Sultan center yesterday  to do the usual weekly shopping:)

And  while walking I saw a lady  promoting a new organic Milk. She came to me and was telling me about the product..

It is the Yeo Valley, a new organic milk… I tasted a very little quantity  and it tasted good!

But unfortunately it does have lactose and I am not having milk containing lactose right now.

But I was curious to know what are the major differences between it and the regular milk.

So she explained it to me:

Yeo Valley  organic milk has 70 %  more omega-3 and 30 %  more calcium. plus It is Organic so 100 % natural and of course heathier!

Low-fat milk or semi skimmed milk:

the whole box contains 250 ml. 

 Per 100 ml:

 47 calories, 1.8 grams of fat, 124 mg of calcium




The full- fat :

Per 100 ml:

68 calories, 4 grams of fat and 122 mg of calcium

Milk lovers!! Now you can go organic and live healthier!

give it a try and tell me what do you think about it as taste and digestive comfort 😉

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