Starbucks is just next to my clinic!

 I can’t  not to stop by to get my daily morning cafe late, of course skim milk with some cinnamon powder 🙂

Then in the afternoons I really feel hungry, So I often take the halloumi cheese panini, delicious and addictive! But a bit high in calories! That’s fine sometimes 😉

And sometimes I pick salads usually these 3 kinds: Greek, Chicken ceasar and Garden salad with tuna.

Today I got the tuna salad and I thought of sharing it here!

Just to note that they stopped doing it for a while and now they have it back.

Its ingredients are: 

Lettuce leaves, shredded carrots, shredded raddish, cucumbers, corn and  fresh Tuna slices. 

The dressing is full of olive oil, I admit, but I only put a the quarter of it and mix it 🙂

The total calories of the Tuna Salad is almost 170 calories, with only the quarter dressing quantity.

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