Cutting 50 to 100 calories might not make any difference for most of you! While actually It does!

Adding up extra and unuseful calories can  be unnecessary when you can still enjoy your favorite meal!

And …As we all know extra calories are the main reason for gaining weight!


These are 12 tips you can follow, so you can cut up to 100 calories!!

1- Don’t drink juices or regular soft drinks while eating:These are full of simple sugar, easily absorbed and unuseful!

Instead, drink water before you start eating and for those who cannot stop soft drinks, go for the diet ones!

2- Eat the whole fruit and not its juice! As I said before juices are  full of sugar and can be made of 3 0r 4 whole fruits, plus they don’t contain fiber! Eat the whole fruit, it has fiber, less calories and is more consistent!

3- Remove half the bun or the upper sandwich bread:When eating your burger or sandwich, try to remove the upper side bread. You will still enjoy your meal but with less calories 🙂

4- Substitute one tablespoon of mayonnaise with mustard!Mayonnaise is considered as a pure source of  fat and is loaded in calories… Mustard, on the other hand, increases your metabolism and is very low in calories with no fat!

5- Substitute one tablespoon of white or brown sugar with a sweetener sachet: A lot thinks that sweeteners can be very bad for the health when actually they aren’t  if consumed in moderation…

6- Eat 2 egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs! Both contain vitamins, but the egg yolk is more fatty and is the main source of  cholesterol and calories. 2 whole eggs: 150 calories, but 2 egg whites: 70 calories

7- Ask for your french fries to be baked and not fried: You might take the same portion of potato but the one fried will have double the calories which is logical! 😉

8- Always use lemon and mustard for your dressing:this salad dressing has no calories if no oil is added… Some salads won’t be tasty with that, so you can use only one teaspoon of the light dressing version (Caesar, Italian, French)

9- Always choose dairy products to be low in fat not full-fat: A low- fat slice  of cheese for example can have 30 percent less calories than the same full- fat slice of cheese.

10- Substitute roasted nuts by cucumber and carrots sticks: At night for example,we all want to munch on something especially when watching T.V! Sometimes we feel like munching just to entertain ourselves! So no need for the extra calories, just try these vegetable sticks!

11- Change your coffee:Coffee contains zero calorie if taken black. But do you know that when adding extra cream or full- fat milk, you are taking in at least 70 extra calories?? YES! that’s the case! choose skim milk, no cream   coffee, instead of the french, mocca or other heavy ones! 🙂

12- Always share a dessert with your friend: Instead of eating the whole portion, share it with someone, you just need a little piece to  feel satisfied 🙂

Be Smart When choosing your food! 😉

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