If this pouchy area around the lower back is called “LOVE handles”, why do most women HATE them so much??? 😀

Men do love this area, they find it sexy! Of course as long as those extra curves are small ones! If not, women are too skinny for them!

If you have  love handles, don’t be obsessed about that!

2 solutions are able to decrease your curves. They are complimentary and should be applied together 🙂

A- Nutritional lifestyle:

 The way you eat and your daily food choices play an important role of course! Imagine you’re exercising then eating a pizza or a Burger after  that! USELESS  SOLUTION!!!

For you to burn the love handles, you need to focus on lean protein like grilled chicken and seafood, plus let you meat intake be minimal.

Include a salad in every meal you eat, and choose multi- grain selections of bread. Include a variety of good fat in your diet like olive oil, avocado, raw nuts, those good fats will help you to burn the extra  fat accumulated in your handles.

You  breakfast should be healthy as well. You can choose cereals, muesli or even boiled eggs!

Don’t forget the fruit intake and not its juices! You need fiber to burn those extra fat!

And last but not least: Drink a lot of water and do not add salt to your food! Sodium accumulates in your body and that what causes water retention.

Working out!

In parallel with your health nutritional lifestyle, you also need to focus on a daily working out routine.

First you need to do some aerobic exercises, like walking on the treadmill which is a pure fat burning exercise, with some intervals (walking for 10 minutes then running for 5 minutes and so on…)

Walking for  45 minutes 4 times a week is advisable…

Some set ups should be done as well after your treadmill!

I have posted a video of easy set ups! It is only an affair of 4 minutes!

4 Minute Love Handle Operation!

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