“Are Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo  fattening?? Are these 3  full of calories!?”

That’s what my clients always ask me!

We have people who like mustard, those who like ketchup, those who like mayo and surely those who like to combine the 3 together!

In this post, I want to clarify this point as it’s kind of confusing for some people 🙂

Let’s start by talking about ketchup and mustard.

While neither ketchup nor mustard contains a lot of calories, mustard is the healthier choice. Talking about calories, mustard has almost zero calorie, while ketchup can contain 20 calories per tablespoon. When comparing sugar content, Ketchup has a significant amount of sugar, but  mustard doesn’t have any.

Personally I add mustard almost to all my food! 😀

A special note about mustard as well, is that the yellow one tends to increase body metabolism by 20 percent if one tablespoon if consumed daily!

Mayonnaise, as most people know and unlike ketchup and mustard, is very high in saturated fat and therefore the least healthy of these 3 condiments. If you must have mayonnaise, look for reduced fat or zero fat versions.

1 teaspoon of regular mayo: 45 calories

1 Tablespoon of light mayo 45 calories


So comparing ketchup, Mustard and mayonnaise, mustard is the healthiest choice 😀



You can mix ketchup and mustard together and use it as a vegetable dip, as a salad dressing or to put in sandwiches! 😉

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