Mangoes are so delicious  that people might be overeating that kind of fruit! 

It’s mango season and many of you are wondering  if mangoes are fattening due to their high sugar and calorie content or are just fine and good for you!

Let’s have a look into the nurtriton analysis of mangoes!

First  the fat content in mango is so minimal and negligible. Here we are talking about less than 1 gram of fat per mango!

The sweet content of the mango is surely from its carbohydrate content and more specifically from  sucralose, the fruit sugar.

One mango provides you with more than your daily requirement of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also contains fiber, magnesium, iron and antioxidants. So, as you can see mango in overall is such a nutritious fruit, and like most fruits is cholesterol free! 😀

Talking about diabetic people, mangoes are considered a medium glycemic index food ( between 40 and 60), so it kind of raises the blood sugar level and  is absorbed into the bloodtream faster than other fruits. So it is okay to have one mango per week but not more!

Now the question!! Do mango cause an increase in weight??!!

As I always say, there is no specific food that may cause an increase in weight! We have to take into consideration the total  calories we are ingesting per day!

One medium mango contains almost 110 calories, so just make sure you balance with other food throughout the day.

I always advice you to have the fruit as a piece which is super rich in fiber and not its juice which can be loaded in calories and sugar and sometimes added sugar! That goes directly into the bloodstream and causes an increase in appetite!

Eating fruits everyday is excellent for you no matter what kind! You need to vary the fruits you are eating on a daily basis to benefit from the different vitamins and minerals these fruits provide!! 🙂

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