1-    Keep a Food and Exercise Diary:

Writing down everything you eat and your physical activity levels will help you identify your habits and will keep you on the good track.

Seeing everything on paper, will allow you to see where is your weak points, what do you need to change, how much did you eat, what type of food did you consume, how much did you exercise, is your exercise good enough comparing to what you ate, and so on…

2-    Make smart food swaps:

Clear the junk food out of the house. Replace all these high energy treats like ice cream, chocolate, chips, doughnuts with low calories and healthy alternatives like frozen yoghurt, fresh fruits, jelly, crackers.

Some of my clients say that the only reason they keep all these high calories treats at home is because they might have an unexpected visit. But if it’s here you will eat it, even if it was far from the eyes.


The healthy rate of weight loss is 0.5 kg or 1 kg per week

At the beginning of a diet, you can even lose up to 2 kg per week, but this will be only water loss. You need time to decrease the fat in your body.

Don’t weigh yourself every day and before each meal. These fluctuations in weight are only due to the water in your body, and not to the fat. You can’t gain or lose weight in one day.

If you had a late dinner and the next day you weigh yourself, you will see that you have gained 0.5 kg, be sure that this is water gain!

Weigh yourself once every week, on the same scale, at the same time and with the same clothes. This is the rule to keep on checking  your weight and to be aware for any gain or loss in weight.


4-    Use planning:

This is a special trick for a successful weight loss. Make your life easier and plan in advance.  Write down the timings of your workout so you won’t cancel them.

Also mention in your diary your meals for the coming week, by selecting healthy breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners for the entire 7 days. In that way you will be able to stick more to the meals, you will feel organized and ready for it.

Go shopping once a week using a shopping list, and don’t ever do it when you are hungry. You will be tempted to buy items you are craving for!

5-    Take a look at your meal portions:

You have to pay attention to your portion size. It is not enough to eat healthy if you want to lose weight. Fat- free doesn’t mean calorie free.

If you want to eat out,  order the small portion if you are craving fora  heavy meal. Also you can share your food with a friend, in that way you decrease yourcalorie  intake.

Always start by a salad or a soup, and then eat a medium meal portion.

Don’t stop your meal when you feel  full. Stop it when you start to feel  satisfied.


6-    Vary your fitness activities:

In order to change your routine and to boost your interest levels, try a new exercise, one that makes you feel excited every time you want to do it.

It is recommended to workout 45 minutes during the week days.

 If you have been doing this for a period of time, you can increase it now to 60 minutes daily.

Even going up on the stairs can make a difference.

Anything new is more fun, so try to change consistently to still feel motivated.

7-    Get more sleep and find more energy:

If you are not getting the 7 hours of sleep, you will lack the energy needed to exercise. You will start making unhealthy food choices.

This is linked to a disruption of the hormones in your body, which affects your appetite.

Being awake longer will increase your appetite and will make your eat more!

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