Halloumi cheese is considered a kind of fatty cheese!

Last night I  was craving for halloumi cheese (although don’t eat a lot) and couldn’t find a low-fat version in the fridge!!

Here is what I did to make it less in fat!! 😀


1- First I cut a small piece of the cheese:





2- I put the piece in a mug with some mineral water, then straight to the microwave for 2 minutes  to boil it :)






3- Look at the water after I boiled it! 70 % of the fat and the salt are out of it now!





4- And… This is the final  snack I  had!! The cheese was kind of  grilled and tasted really good!!  Even better than low- fat halloumiiii!

Tomatoes were topped with spicy mustard! I love it!! :D


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