This is a random lunch I had at home!

We prepared a variety of food choices!

But have a look at the quantity and quality of food I took!

1- Boiled Shrimps with cocktail sauce:

This is the favorite seafood dish I like to have at home!!

I took 15 pieces! and a bit of the sauce

1 exchange of lean protein + 1/2 exchange of fat:77 calories



2- Rocca, Parmesan salad with walnuts and balsamic vinegar:

3 Tablespoons: 1 fat + 1/2 lean protein: 73 calories






3- Loubieh in olive oil:

I love it! I took some without bread.

2 tablespoons: 1 exchange of fat: 45 calories.




4- Hummus bel tahineh:

3 tablespoons + lettuce leaves:

1 Carbohydrate + 1 fat: 125 calories



5- Fish sayadieh:

I am not a big fan of rice, but this specific dish doesn’t taste good without it!! 

2 tablespoons of rice + 3 small fish fillet + roasted nuts:

1 CHO + 1 lean protein +1 fat: 180 calories


My lunch makes 500 calories.

This is the usual daily calories a person must take for lunch..

Just notice how you can try a variety of food with the least calories taken… It is a matter of choice! ;)

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