I said before that I am a big fan of  chicken Caesar salad! Well it is my favorite salad!!


Another really good salad is  Halloumi & Vegetables salad, from Casper! Delicious!! :)

Its ingredients are very simple but what makes it different is simply its dressing!

These are the ingredients:

– Fresh Rocca and Mint leaves

Grilled zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, red pepper and tomato

– Grilled hot halloumi slices



Honey Mustard!!

And yeah!! That’s it! :D

I can say that:

 the vegetables are kind of zero in calories.

The halloumi slices are counted as  3 exchanges of medium lean protein: 230 calories

The dressing is counted as 2 exchanges of fat: 90 calories

So the total salad calories: 320 calories!!

I had it yesterday for dinner! :D

Look at the pictures!







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