As mentioned in an earlier post, I got the Food intolerance test into my clinic, which I personally find very efficient to everyone of us!! It  gives you the intolerance on 59 food aliments, the main aliments that we eat!

If you are intolerant to a kind of aliment, that means your body can’t digest it, and that what causes many symptoms like bloating, constipation, not losing weight and many other symptoms.

I wanted here to show you  how exactly do I perform this test at my clinic. It takes only 40 minutes to have the results.

1- I take a a few drops of blood from your finger, it is like the diabetes test.




2- I put the blood drops in solution A, then into the kit and wait for 25 minutes.

The kit has 59 dots, each one of it represents one aliment

3- After 25 minutes I wash the kit very well, to remove every trace of the blood



4- Now I put solution B into the kit and wait for 10 minutes

5– I wash it  as well and put solution C



6- You can start now seeing if any of the dots is changing in color. If so then you are intolerant to that specific aliment and you have to stop it!

Example of aliments : Wheat, rice, oat, peper, corn, whole eggs, cow’s milk.

Accuracy of the test: 97 %


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