As usual, I kind of order everyday from our diet kitchen!! I was looking into today’s menu and saw one of my favorite Lebanese Dishes! Chicken mouloukhieh!!

It’s been a long time I didn’t eat that, so I was looking forward to try it!

Although it’s light but it’s soo tasty,exactely what I needed 🙂

I got the whole lunch meal which consisted of a salad, main dish and a snack.

Before I started, I got 2 glasses of room temperature water.

Salad: Baklei salad, with tomatoes and lettuce, lemon mustard as a dressing!

Calories: 40 calories.

I always advise you to start by your salad, as it gives you the feeling of satiety with very little calories, so you end up eating a smaller portion of your main dish.


Main meal: Chicken Mouloukhieh, with vinegar & onions sauce: It is a very healthy dish rich in Vitamin D, rich in iron and folic acid which are excellent for your blood and bones health.

Calories: 350 calories



Snack: Usually we send a sweet dessert, but personally I prefer to take a seasonal fruit! I went for watermelon pieces, very cold and refrehing  😀

Calories: 60 calories



It was a total of 450 calories!!! 😉 Very fullfilling and delicious!!

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