I was invited for a dinner at my friend’s house a couple of days ago. I knew she was going to prepare delicious food as she cooks really good! I was watching my portions throughout the day, so I can enjoy my dinner!  🙂

As a start, we had some appetizers while having a drink (I had only a diet sprite), so I had 2 pieces of boiled cauliflower with a light cocktail sauce (mustard, light mayo andd ketchup mixed together): 30 calories

She put some nuts and almonds but I didn’t touch it (useless calories before dinner).

It was a buffet so I just need to choose from the varieties.

Below were the food choices that were on the table:

Tabbouleh, Hummus bel tahina, Moutabal, Loubieh bel zeit, Rice and chicken with cashew nuts and Cannelloni.

Well honestly I didn’t know from where to start, and I like everything here!

 1 Tablespoon of Tabbouleh: 50 calories (due to burghul and olive oil)




– 2 Tablespoons of moutabal: 40 calories (moutabal has less  calories than hummus, it only has eggplants which is considered as a free food and tahina which is considered as fat, while hummus bel tahina is considered as carbohydrates and fat).



– 3 tablespoons of rice and chicken with cashew nuts roasted and not fried (I tried to take the upper part of the plate which gives more chicken, coz I’m not a fan of rice!): 170 calories



– 1 Tablespoon of  loubieh bel zeit: 50 calories



I didn’t eat Bread with any of the dishes!

I didn’t try the Cannelloni, It is a heavy dish at night, won’t be able to digest it very well. So I tried small portions of different kinds of food instead.

Food was tasty, calories were good!

My dinner makes 340 calories 😀

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