The days when the whole month of Ramadan used to come in winter are just a memory! And unfortunately from now on we should  get used to fast through long days of summer, where the first concern is dehydration. In fact dehydration makes you feel tired, moody and decreases your productivity and concentration. 

During summer and hot days, we usually lose our body fluids  through sweating, respiration and excretion, so how come when we are considering fasting for more than 8 hours under the same conditions!? 

The importance of water should never be underestimated.  It makes up 70% of our bodies, 85% of our brains, and 75% of our muscles. It is vital for almost every important task our body performs including cleaning our digestive system, maintaining stable body temperature, facilitating digestion and transporting nutrients.

Bloating, constipation and flatulence are also common during this month! You can avoid all these critical cases by drinking 2 Litres of water a day!

Drinking water will aslo decrease your chance of cellulite appearance which is also common during this period due to fluids loss!

When I say water, I don’t mean other fluids like juices, sugary drinks, coffee and tea! Be careful not to break the fast with these other fluids that make you feel more thirsty, are zero in fiber but full of sugar and calories!!!

Juices and other cold drinks can be taken occasionally. I’m gonna write about that in another post!

 Drinking the recommended amount of water during this specific month is extremely important as I said but you also need to avoid dehydration by  staying away as much as you can  from heat and sun! 

  Eating five portions of fruits and vegetables a day is another way of getting as much water as possible from your food. Concentrate on lettuce, cucumbers, melon, strawberries and watermelon that are naturally loaded with fluids!

Last but not least!! For those who cannot have plain water, why not trying the flavored water bottles that act exactley like plain water!  That can be a good smart idea!! 😀

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