I’ve already wrote an article about a dinner  I had at La Posta, Beirut, one of the best Italian restaurants in Lebanon.


I had dinner again last night there. It was a late one, some people were fasting so you can say it was a kind of Suhoor and dinner 🙂

Personally I’m not a fan of pasta! And I barely eat red meat, so I went for the seafood option!

First I started by one olive bread! Love it!!: 80 calories

Then I moved to the Salad de Fruit de Mer a la Venitienne: It was a combination of fresh calamari, boiled shrimps, octopus, avocado, asperges, and lettuce.

Dressing: olive oil and lemon

On the side comes a piece of white bread, tossed with herbs. It has a really different flavor and aroma!

300 calories

Another good salad you can try: Chevre salad or the Goat cheese salad.

Small but very good one!! 220 calories

My sister had it!



And finally we shared the grilled calamari plate: I didn’t have the fries



One big grilled calamari tossed with herbs, with fresh boiled calamari on the side!

Half portion: 200 calories (with no fries)


It was really a great tasty dinner! Great company and good food!!

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