I talked in the older post about Gluten-free Equia Products:


Here I will talk more about the High Fiber Equia Products! We all know that fiber is extremely important for our digestive system. A lot of you know that Fiber is helpful in treating constipation problems, but fiber is used to cure more than this problem!!


Fiber also decreases high blood sugar levels as it regulates Insulin, decreases high blood cholesterol level and helps in reducing body weight, as it increases the satiety feeling.

1- Active crunchy toast: Tasty crunchy daily alternative to bread. You can consume it with cheese, labne or turkey. Rich in fiber and rye!

1 toast has only 20 calories!!


2- Cocoa Cereal Fibra: These are a kind of cereals with chocolate, made with whole grains and fortified with fiber! They help in holding out until noon and avoiding unhealthy snacks.

one mug without milk has: 150 calories!! perfect for a healthy and fulfilling breakfast!



3- Fiber Plus powder: This is your fiber solution!! For those who need a quick solution, they need to have this powder. It can be tossed on your salads, or even eaten raw  twice a day (morning and evening)

Plus it is sugar and Gluten-free so can be used by people with Celiac disease.

1 teaspoon has only 2 calories!


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