SUNKIST  is “the market leader in juice drink cups in the Kuwaiti market”!It’s the favorite high school orange drink for almost everyone here!!

A lot are wondering how many calories does it contain as no label is found on it!
I was reading its ingredients, so look at this!

Orange juice concentrate, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate, Citric acid, Water and Sugar


As you see, Sunkist is made of unhealthy ingredients added together to give this sweet taste!

The combination is perfectly made, but the result is extra sugar and extra calories!

Diabetic people should stay away from this juice as it directly raises their blood sugar levels. People who want to watch their weight and maintain a fit shape should also control this juice intake as it cannot help at all!

Personally I don’t advise Sunskist intake (especially for kids!) As estimated, the cup makes a total of 150 calories! which is a lot as a a simple and easy drink!

It has zero fiber and no health benefits what so ever!

Vitamin C  is minimal so SUNKIST is  pure sugar!



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