Besides being  an exotic zesty fruit that has a wonderful flavor, kiwi acts as a good reservoir of vitamin C and offer a complete  nutritional value!!

Let’s explore it together!!

If you’re feeling tired and weak, then your body may be low in potassium and magnesium levels!!  Load up your body on these 2 important minerals by having at least 3 kiwis a day!

Being one of the highest sources of vitamin C among fruits, snacking on kiwi is an excellent way to prevent asthma, influenza and other inflammations!

Kiwi is rich in folate which prevents any occurence of mild or major anemia! Folic acid is essential to support healthy  child birth!

The main thing is that kiwi does regulate your high blood sugar level!

High blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia happens when the body produces too much insulin. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), hypoglycemia is a major cause of complications for diabetic people which need guidance from their doctor.

Kiwi is rich in insoluble fiber, that means it works well in regulating your blood glucose levels, and that is done immediately!

Plus people with elevated blood glucose levels, has to eliminate high glycemic index food, and take the low glycemic index food instead!

Note that high glycemic index food are food that increase blood sugar levels, because they are directly absorbed in the bloodstream!

Kiwi is one of the lowest glycemic index among all the fruits. It ensures proper absorption of blood sugar and helps in maintaining the right balance of blood sugar in the body.

2 kiwis daily in the morning are recommended for efficient and direct result

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