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This is the most recent “Balloon weight loss” solutions!! You just have to swallow a tablet that turns into gastric Balloon in your stomach.

(As you saw in the video)

People who are really desperate to lose weight have already used this technique by swallowing a gastric balloon, which works by expanding in their stomach to curb their appetite.

First you swallow one capsule (balloon), 1 month later you take the second.. It works by floating on top of the stomach, stopping you from eating a lot and  stimulating the receptors which tell you you’re full, sooner.



In my opionion this is soooooo bad!! First you’re having only the short -term effects.. Right! You’re losing weight (by the way not too much weight), but yes weight is lost in a shorter time..

Then once the balloon is being removed, what’s gonna happen?? You will eventually have the normal stomach size you had before, and slowly slowly, you will Re- eat the same portions you used to have…

By doing this technique, you’re just decreasing the portions.. You’re not learning a new healthy lifestyle. By doing this technique,  you just want to lose weight by eating whatever you want but less. So once removed, the appetite will go back to whatever it was, and weight will eventually be regained quickly..

It is costly and some people have experienced negative side effects..

So in my opinion or any other dietitians opinions, I always recommend the natural way of losing weight, which is actually changing our lifestyle, and getting long- term results which last forever! We do not need a diet , we need a lifestyle modification..

Weight loss should be easy and slowly for you to lose fat and most importantly to keep it!

Although it takes a longer time, a healthy varied and balanced diet along with an active lifestyle is all what you need 🙂


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