Who’s trying to boost protein consumption?

Well eating red meat, chicken, low- fat dairy products, eggs and seafood can be a real good source of high quality proteins, so thumbs up for those who are doing that..

Protein shakes are also a good thing to have as long as your protein intake is minimal..

I usually go for seafood as it is the leanest protein choice to have, plus it’s high in Omega-3 which is excellent for brain health.. And people who suffer from high triglyceride levels surely do the same: Omega-3 is the best natural nutritional remedy for that..

But I’m seeing lately a lot of people who are on a high protein diet eating Surimis”, either in their sushi rolls, in their salad, or just buying” it from supermarket and having them as late night snack; they as tempting, low in calories and taste good..


Crab sticks are unfortunately made of 20 % real crab, means protein, and the rest is an artificial processed paste, called surimi, full of salt with no nutritional value at all!

They add it simply coz it’s cheap making those “crab- like” sticks less expensive and always available.

So Eat this in moderation, focus on other seafood options, or order the real Crab animal when it’s available 😀

Surimi Ingredients: Cheap mashed fish, white eggs, salt, water, sugar, starches and spices.

Their protein content is nothing to talk about, while crabs are loaded with zinc, selenium and iron, needed for a better health.

If what looks and tastes good is bad for you, then you have plenty of other food that taste even better, yet healthful! 😉


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