1- Many people are used to take their coffee and milk or their tea and milk in the morning, but the absorbtion of calcium in the milk will be minimal due to this combination! tannine in teas and caffeine in coffees will decrease the benefits we are taking from milk (absorption of calcium), so the best way to do that, try to separate the milk from coffee and tea..

2- Vitamin D is an important component in milk besides calcium..but vitD is a fat soluble vitamin so it only dissolves in fat, that means we can’t find it in fat- free products unless this product is fortified with this vitamin.. Low-fat milk is recommended especially for teenagers, pregnant, lactating women, as well as in the  post- menauposal stage.

3- A lot of us suffer from anemia or iron deficiency, iron intake from  food is the first and natural solution to this problem, but i am sure that a lot of you are having the wrong combination when eating iron- rich foods.  Iron absorbtion can be duplicated only if we mix vitamin c ( ascorbic acid) to it. for example, take a plate of cooked lentils with lemon sauce cabbage salad, or a red meat steak with sweet potato, or handful of nuts with 1 glass of orange juice.

4-  Athletes may dehydrate themselves to look more muscular, this is an unhealthy and wrong habit. On  the contrary, these specific people need more water than others, because of the electrolytes and fluids they are losing in sweat. less than 5% of body water causes a drop of 30 % of physical performance and endurance.

5- We have heard the myth that extra proteins builds muscles. In fact the only way to increase muscle mass is through exercise and work out. Extra protein doesn’t give you extra muscles. Studies indicate that extra amount of excess protein may be unhealthy, specially for people with liver and kidney problems. The recommended daily intake varies with weight, age and physical activity. Athletes should ask a dietitian before abusing the usage of protein shakes !

6– Vitamin C is the number one vitamin that can be lost easily when heated. So be careful and try to take the vegetables and fruits raw most of the times to maximise Vitaminc C benefits.

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