Constipation may be the most common complaint no one is discussing.

When the bowels are not moving everyday, some people may think they are constipated. But 3 bowel movements per week are considered in a normal range.

Constipation can have serious heath implications like colon cancer if untreated!

You might be eating healthy, exercising, and still asking yourself why am I constipated??

Here are the answers!

Constipation triggers:

–         High proteins, low carbohydrates diet, because it is considered low in fiber.

–         Ignoring the urge to “go” .The time that passes due to ignoring these cues allows more water to be absorbed away from stool.

–         Lack of exercise and being inactive.

–         Caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, cola, because they are dehydrating, and diuretics.

–         Medications can play a role as well, which affect the digestive enzymes.

–         Traveling and changing the dietary habits. People are without their normal foods that keep them normal.

–         Lack of drinking water which causes dehydration, thus constipation


–         Exercise speeds transit time. Any kind of exercise can be helpful such as walking, swimming, running, basketball, football. Exercise is very important to keep a good digestive health.

–         Some types of stress (exams, competitions, public speaking) have been linked to faster intestinal transit.

   When you feel you are stressed and you have the urge to go, just do it, and do not ignore it. When you ignore this urge, constipation will develop.

–         Drink plenty of water. Water is essential for bowel movements. If water is not absorbed by the colon, the result is dry and hard stool: constipation.

2 glasses of water before each meal is a must.


–         Coffee in the morning is a colonic stimulate. Although I mentioned that caffeinated drinks are diuretic, many people use that specific “morning cup” just to treat constipation problems.

–         Consuming yoghurt is also a good solution to treat constipation. Yoghurt contains probiotics and prebiotics that are essential for digestive health and well- being.

–         Dietary fiber is the number one solution to reverse the pattern of constipation. Add a variety of sources, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and reduce the high intake of fatty foods such as meat and cheeses.




Select foods and their fiber content:



Apple, with skin                    4.4g

Raspberries fresh (1/2 cup)    4g

Cranberries, dried (1/3 cup)   2.5g


Brown rice (1 cup)               5g

Popcorn, popped (3cups)    3.5


Lentils, cooked (1/2 cup)          8g

Black beans, cooked (1/2 cup)   7.5

Edemame cooked (1/2 cup)      4g



Peas, cooked (/2 cup)           4.5g

Corn, cooked (1 medium)    3g

Broccoli, boiled (1/2 cup)   2.5g


Almonds, 25 nuts    3.5g

Pistachios, 50nuts    3g

Walnuts, 25             2g  



A little extra help:


 Those interested in temporary solution, may have questions about laxatives.

Ok I will tell you now what my opinion is 😉

Sometimes when traveling, as I said constipation might develop due to dietary changes. In this case you can go for a smooth laxative. You have to look as the most natural laxative.

Glycerine is a good and smooth one that falls into the stimulant category. I usually use it for gentle constipation.

Fiber supplements and sachets also fall into the laxative category and are very natural products.

I always recommend food first, additional help second and always be ready with practical advice 🙂


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